MRI compatible ECG-Electrode ezPadMRI

The x shape of the electrodes allows quick and easy placement on the patient’s chest. The ezPadMRI was optimized for ECG monitoring under MRI conditions.

Because of its special design the electrodes minimize interferences of the MRI scanner and therefore significally improve the quality of the ECG during the examination.

Available sizes:

5300202: ezPadMRI (S)
5300203: ezPadMRI (L)

Each ECG Pad is sealed in a separate bag to provide maximum shelf live. Dried out electrodes now belong to the past.

5300028 Wireless ECG Sensor

Wireless MRI compatible ECG Sensor for TeslaM3 patient monitoring system



5300006 NUPREP Gel

Cleaning gel 115 g


5300025 ECG Electrodes for MRI

Special ECG-electrode

Packaging unit = 30 pieces 

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