Environmental & Climate Management at MIPM


Tree planting with orders

With every order you participate in planting trees in Germany, because we plant trees

- one with every TeslaDUO and TeslaM3 sold

We have chosen the following organization: Trees donate | tree donation reforestation Germany tree planting (wald.de)



Environmental and Climate Pact of Bavaria

The Bavarian Environmental and Climate Pact is an agreement between the Bavarian state government and the Bavarian economy. As MIPM-Family we protect the environment on our own responsibility. We are convinced that we can do this voluntarily and without laws and regulations. Furthermore, we show that economy and ecology are not opposites. 



Sustainable promotional gifts

Through environmentally friendly / ecological promotional gifts we can protect the environment during production and at the same time still encourage our customers / suppliers / partners to also rely on sustainable promotional gifts.



Using sustainable products for everyday use

Already in our everyday use you can find some items where you can also pay attention to the issue of sustainability.

Among others:
- toilet paper/tissues/kitchen roll
- cleaning products
- envelopes
- general office supplies
- air hand dryer in the toilets




Compensate CO2 footprint

Every year, we take care of our own CO2 footprint and then offset this through various organizations. 

Environmentally friendly shipping with parcel services

Through DHL GoGreen and UPS Carbon neutral, we can rely on environmentally friendly shipping of our products, which entails only minimal additional costs.

If you are also interested in this, please inform yourself here:
- DHL GoGreen: Climate neutral shipping of parcels with GoGreen | DHL Paket
- UPS Carbon neutral: Reduce carbon emissions: UPS - Germany



Sustainable suppliers / cooperation with suppliers

We also pay attention to sustainable and ecological cooperation when selecting our suppliers. Many of our suppliers in bavaria meet all requirements and can already show this.
In addition, we are in regular contact with our suppliers in order to make the cooperation as environmentally friendly as possible. Among others, we make sure that as little plastic as possible is used for shipping and that the unavoidable amount of plastic can be "neutralized" again with a "We remove plastic from the waters" project.


Reduce packaging waste / More sustainable packaging

Our shipping is also "green" as we reduce packaging waste and use sustainable packaging materials, such as:

- paper tape instead of plastic   
- the most product packaging (reusable wooden pallets and wooden boxes)
- packaging labels from paper
- shipments are grouped together (if possible)


Rain barrel for flower meadow and plants

Our "newest colleague", the rain barrel, also makes a valuable contribution to our environmental & climate management. It allows us to use rainwater directly for the care of our plants and thus we don't have to waste tap water unnecessarily to make our garden attractive for insects as well.



Flower meadow in our garden

With our company-owned flower meadow we do not only care for the well-being of our employees during their lunch break or after work, but at the same time also for the well-being of our "local" insects, which are allowed to let off steam there.



Bicycle shed for our employees

With our bicycle shed, we offer our employees the opportunity to park their bicycles safely and independently of the weather. This makes it easy for them to get to work by bike. 


We want nature to remain successful and healthy too!

Another piece of the mosaic is now an investment of over 2,500 EURO in a flower meadow. The 17,000 square metre meadow borders directly on the new fire station of the Bruck fire brigade in Flurstraße.



Digitalization also contributes its part

Digitalization also contributes to our environmental & climate management, because we no longer have to write our notes on paper, but can simply write them down digitally and paperless via our ONE Note or our flip chart in our meeting rooms.
In addition, many of our employees are equipped with a laptop, so we can always take it with us to meetings and no longer have to print out documents, but can simply present them via screen transmission.





40 trees for 40 years of MIPM

We planted 40 trees in Landsberied for 40 years of company history.

We are switching to e-cars

Read more about our history and who we are, what we do, and what makes us so special.

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