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Everything you need to know

The TeslaDUO sets the standard for SpO2 and NIBP monitoring during MRI examinations. It is the perfect solution for radiologists and anesthesiologists alike, without compromising on image quality. Use the TeslaDUO as your basic MRI patient monitor and keep an eye on your patient’s condition throught the complete MRI examination.

    • Measurement of arterial oxygen saturation
    • Measurement of non invasive blood pressure
    • Certified for up to 3T magnetic field strength
    • MRI monitor in 3 configurations: Pulse oximeter (SpO2), NIBP monitor, Combination of SpO2 and NIBP
    • 7" touch screen with a resolution of 800x480
    • Integrated power supply unit
    • Battery operation up to 6.5 hours
    • Wireless SpO2 sensor: Easy to handle, Maximum flexibility 
  • SpO2 sensor

    • One sensor for all patient groups
    • 8 hours battery operation


    Soft touch finger adapter in 3 sizes

    • Various finger adapters: Soft Touch, Clip, or Flex Adapter
    • Easy to change
    • Easy to clean
    • Latex free
  • The TeslaDUO can easily be operated using the 7 inch touch screen. You may display the saturation curve or change the display to large numbers to have better visibility for greater distances.


    • 8 hours trend memory
    • USB interface
    • 6 NIBP intervals
    • Infra red remote control for operation from the MRI control room
    • Visual and accustic alarms
    • Cardiac gating interface*


    * Only for Siemens scanners

  • The TeslaDUO is available in three configurations


    • MRI pulsoximeter (SpO2)
    • MRI blood pressure monitor (NIBP)
    • Combined monitor (SpO2 and NIBP)
    • TeslaDUO Trolley with integrated magnetic field detector

The device in use

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Technical features

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Power supply:
  • Integrated power supply and battery operation for 6.5 hours
Available parameters:
  • SpO2
  •  NIBP

Everything important

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